Courthouse Ledges Mar 11

From the Bell Rock South trailhead in Village of Oak Creek
P3107566   COURTHOUSE LEDGES P3107569 P3107570 P3107571
P3107572 P3107573 P3107575 P3107576   Looking out over VOC
P3107577   We leave the public trail to climb the ledge P3107578 P3107580 P3107581
P3107582 P3107583 P3107584 P3107585
P3107586 P3107587 P3107589 P3107590   We reach the ledge halfway up the Courthouse
P3107591   This is the ledge halfway up with growth visible from below P3107594 P3107596 P3107598
P3107599 P3107601   Bees! We encounter a nest here P3107602 P3107603
P3107604 P310760 P3107607 P3107608
P3107611 P3107612 P3107613 P3107614
P3107615 P3107616 P3107617 P3107619
P3107620 P3107621 P3107622 P3107623
P3107624 P3107626 P3107628 P3107629
P3107630 P3107631 P3107632   Back on the public trail, we continue around P3107633
P3107634 P3107635 P3107636 P3107637
P3107638 P3107640 P3107641 P3107642
P3107643 P3107644 P3107645   Up on the Mushroom, between Courthouse and Bell Rock P3107646
P3107647 P3107648 P3107649 P3107650
P3107651 P3107652 P3107653 P3107654
P3107655 P3107657 P3107658 P3107659
P3107660 P3107662 P3107663 P3107665
P3107666 P3107667 P3107668 P3107669