Fay Canyon (Flagstaff) Aug 11

The trailhead is near the starting point for Sandy's Canyon, but farther along Lake Mary Road
P8182445   FAY CANYON (FLAGSTAFF) P8182446 P8182447 P8182448   This row of old farm wagons is parked at the trailhead
P8182449 P8182450 P8182451 P8182452
P8182453 P8182454 P8182455 P8182456
P8182458 P8182459 P8182460 P8182461   We start down into the small canyon
P8182462 P8182464 P8182465   After a few minutes, we're on the bottom P8182467
P8182468 P8182469   Our first water break P8182470 P8182471
P8182472 P8182473 P8182474 P8182475
P8182476 P8182477 P8182478 P8182479   The clouds are already gathering
P8182480   We stop for a snack P8182482 P8182483 P8182485
P8182486 P8182488 P8182489 P8182490
P8182491 P8182493 P8182494 P8182495
P8182496 P8182497 P8182498 P8182500
P8182501 P8182502 P8182503