Fisher Point Sep 11

Starting from the Vista campground Sandy's Canyon trailhead
P9273156   FISHER POINT P9273157 P9273158 P9273159   The lava slope
P9273161 P9273162 P9273163 P9273164
P9273165   Our first sight of fall color this season P9273166 P9273167 P9273168
P9273169 P9273170 P9273171 P9273174
P9273176 P9273177   The meadow and caves P9273178 P9273179
P9273180 P9273181 P9273183 P9273184
P9273185 P9273186 P9273187   We pause for a morning break P9273188
P9273189 P9273190 P9273192   There is a steep climb out to Fisher Point P9273193
P9273194 P9273196 P9273197   The views from Fisher Point P9273198
P9273200 P9273201 P9273202 P9273203   On the way back, clouds are already closing in
P9273204 P9273206   A group of cyclists come through P9273208   Recrossing Sandy's Canyon P9273209
P9273210 P9273211   On the climb out, we see more fall color P9273213 P9273214
P9273215 P9273216 P9273217 P9273218
P9273219 P9273220 P9273221 P9273222