Fort Valley Trail Jul 11

Off Hwy 180 north of Flagstaff
P7212205   FORT VALLEY TRAIL P7212206 P7212207 P7212208
P7212209 P7212211 P7212212 P7212213
P7212215 P7212216 P7212217 P7212218
P7212219 P7212220 P7212221 P7212224
P7212225 P7212226 P7212229 P7212230
P7212232 P7212234 P7212235 P7212236   The remains of an old Civilian Conservation Corps camp
P7212237   This camp hels one whole CCC company, about 130 youths P7212238 P7212239 P7212241
P7212243 P7212244 P7212246 P7212247
P7212248   Nothing appears to be holding this tree up P7212249 P7212250 P7212251
P7212252 P7212253