Fossil Springs Mar 11

From the Strawberry trailhead, down the old jeep road
P3318348   FOSSIL SPRINGS P3318350 P3318351 P3318353
P3318354 P3318355 P3318356   An intermediate rest stop P3318358
P3318359 P3318360 P3318361 P3318362
P3318365 P3318366 P3318368   Fossil Creek above the springs holds only runoff water and is not perennial P3318369
P3318371 P3318372 P3318373 P3318374   Sycamores
P3318375   Watercress flourishes in the spring water P3318376 P3318377 P3318378
P3318379 P3318380   Warm soring water comes in from the bottom here... P3318381 P3318382
P3318385 P3318386 P3318387 P3318388
P3318389 P3318390 P3318392 P3318393
P3318394 P3318395   ...and here, along this overgrown wall P3318396 P3318397
P3318398 P3318399 P3318401 P3318405
P3318406 P3318409 P3318414 P3318415
P3318416 P3318417 P3318418 P3318419
P3318420 P3318421 P3318422 P3318423
P3318425 P3318426 P3318427 P3318429
P3318430 P3318433 P3318434 P3318435
P3318437 P3318439 P3318440 P3318443
P3318444 P3318446 P3318448 P3318449
P3318451 P3318452 P3318453 P3318458
P3318461 P3318464 P3318465 P3318466
P3318467 P3318468 P3318469 P3318470
P3318471 P3318472 P3318473 P3318474
P3318475 P3318476 P3318477   We wet caps ans shirts before the long climb out of the canyon P3318479
P3318480 P3318481 P3318482 P3318483
P3318484 P3318487 P3318488