Gaddes Canyon Jun 11

On Mingus Mountain above Jerome
P6090762   GADDES CANYON P6090763 P6090766 P6090767
P6090769   The trail takes us downward P6090770 P6090771 P6090772
P6090773 P6090774 P6090775 P6090776
P6090778   ...into a small wooded canyon P6090779 P6090780 P6090781
P6090782 P6090783 P6090784 P6090787   A claret cup cactus
P6090789 P6090790 P6090791 P6090793
P6090794 P6090795 P6090796 P6090797
P6090798 P6090799 P6090800 P6090801
P6090802 P6090803 P6090804 P6090805
P6090806 P6090807 P6090808 P6090809
P6090810 P6090812 P6090813 P6090814
P6090815 P6090816 P6090818 P6090819
P6090820 P6090821 P6090823 P6090824
P6090826 P6090827 P6090828 P6090830
P6090834 P6090836 P6090837 P6090838
P6090839 P6090840 P6090841   After the hike, we stop in Jerome for lunch P6090846
P6090847 P6090848 P6090835