Girdner Trail Jan 11

From the Cultural Center
P1136553   GIRDNER TRAIL P1136556 P1136557   The Cockscomb P1136558
P1136560   Snow persists after two weeks P1136561 P1136562 P1136563
P1136564 P1136565 P1136567 P1136568
P1136570   Water and ice in Dry Creek P1136571 P1136572 P1136573
P1136574 P1136575 P1136576 P1136577
P1136578 P1136579 P1136580 P1136581
P1136583 P1136584 P1136585 P1136586
P1136587   Snack break P1136588 P1136589 P1136591
P1136595 P1136596 P1136597 P1136599
P1136600 P1136601 P1136602 P1136603
P1136604   A fir grows in a tiny crack P1136605 P1136607 P1136608
P1136610 P1136611 P1136614 P1136616
P1136617 P1136618 P1136620 P1136622
P1136624   Lunch P1136626 P1136627 P1136628
P1136630 P1136632 P1136533 P1136634
P1136635 P1136636 P1136637 P1136638
P1136640 P1136641