Hot Wood Apr 11

This unusual hike is entirely off trail, starting in Jacks Canyon
P4078489   HOT WOOD P4078490 P4078491   We head directly up the side of Horse Mesa P4078493   We're alraedy getting views of Village of Oak Creek
P4078495 P4078496 P4078497 P4078498
P4078500 P4078501 P4078502 P4078503   Steep going up the side of the mesa
P4078505 P4078507 P4078508 P4078509
P4078510 P4078512   On top, the going gets stony and brushy P4078515 P4078516
P4078519   On the other side of the mesa, a view into Woods Canyon P4078520 P4078521 P4078523   Morning break
P4078525 P4078528 P4078530 P4078531
P4078533 P4078534   Woods Canyon P4078539   Climbing the fortress P4078540
P4078542 P4078544 P4078546 P4078548
P4078549 P4078550 P4078554 P4078556
P4078557 P4078559 P4078560 P4078561
P4078562 P4078568 P4078569   An unusual heart-shaped prickly pear P4078570
P4078572 P4078573 P4078574   Some views of the Village as we start back down P4078575
P4078577 P4078578 P4078579 P4078584
P4078585 P4078586 P4078588 P4078589
P4078590 P4078591 P4078592 P4078593