Jim Bryant Trail Jan 11

P1116446   JIM BRYANT CANYON P1116448   Courthouse Butte at the start P1116449 P1116450
P1116451 P1116452 P1116453 P1116454
P1116455   Chicken Point P1116457 P1116458 P1116463
P1116464   We turn off into Jim Bruant Canyon, an old WPA trail P1116466 P1116467 P1116468
P1116469 P1116470 P1116471 P1116472
P1116473 P1116475 P1116476 P1116478
P1116479 P1116480 P1116481 P1116482
P1116483 P1116484 P1116485 P1116486
P1116488 P1116489 P1116490 P1116491
P1116492 P1116493 P1116494 P1116495
P1116496 P1116497 P1116498 P1116499
P1116500 P1116501 P1116502 P1116503   Yjis icy pour-off is as far as we can go today
P1116505 P1116506 P1116507 P1116509
P1116510 P1116511 P1116512 P1116515
P1116516 P1116517 P1116518 P1116519
P1116520 P1116521 P1116522 P1116523
P1116524 P1116525 P1116527 P1116528
P1116529 P1116530 P1116531 P1116533
P1116534 P1116535 P1116537 P1116539
P1116540 P1116543 P1116544 P1116545   Back in the vicinity of Chicken Point
P1116547 P1116548 P1116549 P1116550