Jim Bryant Trail Nov 11

Starting from the Little Horse trailhead
PB104154   JIM BRYANT TRAIL PB104156 PB104157   The Little Horse turnoff on the Bell Trail PB104158
PB104159   Through the deep wash PB104160 PB104161 PB104163
PB104164 PB104165 PB104166 PB104167
PB104168 PB104170   Our first stop is Chicken Point PB104171 PB104172
PB104173   At break, we try pomegranate seeds PB104174   Off we go on the unmarked Jim Bryant turnoff PB104175   EArly on, wee cross a thickly wooded wash PB104176
PB104177 PB104178 PB104179 PB104181
PB104182 PB104183 PB104184 PB104185   Once we make Jim Bryant Canyon, we are ledge-walking the rest of the way
PB104186 PB104187 PB104188 PB104189
PB104190 PB104191 PB104192 PB104195
PB104196   Lunch break at the end of the canyon PB104197 PB104198 PB104200   Great views all around
PB104201 PB104202 PB104205 PB104206
PB104207 PB104208 PB104209 PB104210
PB104213   Starting back PB104215 PB104216 PB104217
PB104218 PB104219 PB104221 PB104222
PB104223 PB104224 PB104225 PB104226
PB104227 PB104228 PB104229