Lakeview Trail Jul 11

P7072015   LAKEVIEW TRAIL P7072016 P7072017   It's an active early monsoon day, but Mormon Lake is almost dry P7072018
P7072021 P7072022   Crossing a tiny stream as we start, near a pumphouse P7072023 P7072025
P7072026 P7072027 P7072028 P7072030
P7072031   Storm clouds build as we near the top of the ridge P7072032 P7072033   A fallen twisted Arizona cypress P7072034
P7072035   On top of the "lake view" ridge, we hear the first counds of thunder P7072036 P7072037 P7072039   Rain faslls on the dry lakebed
P7072040 P7072041 P7072045 P7072046
P7072047 P7072048 P7072049 P7072053   Heading back...
P7072054 P7072055 P7072056 P7072057   Fleabane
P7072058 P7072059 P7072061 P7072063
P7072064   Lunch at the Mormon Lodge P7072065 P7072066 P7072067
P7072068 P7072069 P7072072 P7072073