Long Canyon Mar 11

P3298191   LONG CANYON P3298192 P3298194   We begin on the public trail P3298195
P3298196 P3298197 P3298198   The earliest spring flowers P3298199
P3298201 P3298202 P3298203 P3298205
P3298206 P3298207 P3298208 P3298209
P3298210 P3298211 P3298213 P3298214   This cross-bedding forms from windblown sand dunes
P3298219 P3298220   Gallery caves form all along the limestone layer P3298223 P3298224
P3298225 P3298226   A good place for a break P3298227 P3298228
P3298229 P3298230 P3298231 P3298233
P3298238   Climbing over the ridge to the larger amphitheater P3298240 P3298241 P3298242
P3298243   The bald hill in the distance is the graded foundation for the Seven Canyons clubhouse, never built P3298244 P3298245 P3298246
P3298247 P3298249 P3298250 P3298251
P3298252 P3298254 P3298255 P3298256
P3298257 P3298258 P3298259 P3298260
P3298262 P3298263   A helicopter tour P3298264 P3298265
P3298266 P3298268   Entering the large amphitheater. This is the large variety of manzanita P3298270 P3298271
P3298273 P3298274 P3298275 P3298276
P3298278 P3298279 P3298280 P3298281
P3298283 P3298284 P3298285 P3298286
P3298288 P3298289 P3298291   Heading for the cave at the end P3298292
P3298293 P3298294 P3298295 P3298296
P3298297 P3298298 P3298300 P3298301
P3298302 P3298305   A good lunch spot P3298307 P3298308
P3298309 P3298310 P3298313 P3298314
P3298315 P3298318 P3298319 P3298322
P3298325 P3298326 P3298327 P3298328
P3298329 P3298330 P3298331 P3298332
P3298333 P3298334 P3298335 P3298336
P3298337 P3298338 P3298339 P3298340
P3298341 P3298342   Back on the public Long Canyon trail P3298343 P3298345