Lynx Lake Jul 11

A city reservoir near Prescott
P7282254   LYNX LAKE P7282255   This small arm is right behind the dock area P7282256   The park front and trailhead P7282257
P7282258 P7282259   See the blue heron under the tree at right? P7282262   A little closer on the heron P7282263   We start to take the trail around the lake
P7282264 P7282265 P7282267 P7282268
P7282269   A columbine P7282271 P7282272 P7282273
P7282274 P7282275 P7282276 P7282277
P7282278 P7282281 P7282282 P7282283
P7282284   This steep scramble brings us closer to the water P7282286 P7282287 P7282288
P7282291 P7282292 P7282293   Looking back toward the dock P7282295
P7282296 P7282297 P7282298 P7282300
P7282301 P7282303 P7282304 P7282305
P7282306 P7282307   Our snack spot P7282309 P7282313
P7282315 P7282316 P7282317 P7282318   It doesn't take long for the monsoon clouds to arrive
P7282319 P7282320 P7282321 P7282323
P7282325 P7282327 P7282328 P7282330   Working our way around to the dam
P7282331 P7282332 P7282333   The spillway P7282334
P7282335 P7282336   The boat rental concession P7282337 P7282338
P7282340   Crossing the last small bridge P7282341 P7282342 P7282343   I see a fish!
P7282345 P7282346 P7282347 P7282348