Margs Draw Mar 11

From the Broken Arrow end of the trail
P3157672   MARG"S DRAW P3157673   Starting out on the public trail heading north from Broken Arrow P3157674 P3157676
P3157678 P3157679 P3157680 P3157681
P3157682 P3157683   We leave the public trail to cicrle the basin P3157684 P3157685
P3157686 P3157687 P3157688 P3157689
P3157690 P3157691 P3157692 P3157693
P3157694 P3157695 P3157696 P3157697
P3157698 P3157700 P3157701 P3157702
P3157703 P3157704 P3157705 P3157706
P3157708 P3157709 P3157710 P3157711
P3157712 P3157713 P3157714 P3157715
P3157716 P3157717 P3157718 P3157719
P3157720 P3157721 P3157722 P3157724
P3157726 P3157727 P3157728 P3157729
P3157732   AT this point, we leave the rim and cut over to Submarine Rock P3157733 P3157734 P3157735
P3157736 P3157737 P3157739 P3157740
P3157741 P3157743 P3157744 P3157745
P3157746 P3157747 P3157748 P3157749   The lone tree on Submarine Rock
P3157751 P3157752 P3157753 P3157754
P3157755 P3157756 P3157758 P3157759