Mescal Feb 11

A starfish-shaped butte on Sedona's west side
P2157175   MESCAL MOUNTAIN P2157177 P2157178 P2157179
P2157180   The initial public trail runs beside the Seven Canyons resort P2157181 P2157182   Our objective P2157183
P2157184   We leave the public trail and head up onto Mescal, via the northern spur P2157186 P2157187 P2157189
P2157190 P2157191 P2157192 P2157193
P2157194   Clint Gelotte leads P2157195   On top of the spur P2157196 P2157197
P2157198 P2157199 P2157201 P2157202
P2157204 P2157205 P2157206 P2157207
P2157208 P2157209 P2157210   We can now see across to Boynton Canyon and Enchantment Resort P2157212
P2157213 P2157214 P2157215 P2157217
P2157219   We encounter ruins on the spur P2157220   Climbing the side of the main butte P2157221 P2157223
P2157224 P2157225   The steepest part P2157226 P2157228
P2157229 P2157230 P2157232   On top! P2157234
P2157235 P2157237 P2157238 P2157239
P2157240 P2157241 P2157243 P2157244
P2157245 P2157247 P2157249 P2157250
P2157251   Enchantment P2157252   The southern spur P2157253 P2157254
P2157255 P2157256 P2157258 P2157259
P2157260 P2157262 P2157263 P2157264
P2157265 P2157266 P2157267 P2157268
P2157270 P2157271 P2157272 P2157273   heading back down off the peak
P2157275 P2157276 P2157278 P2157279
P2157281 P2157282 P2157284 P2157286
P2157289   A small cave with ruins P2157290 P2157291 P2157294
P2157296 P2157297   We make another climb up to the Birthing Cave... P2157298   ...Venerated buth by Sinagua and New Agers because its upper entrance symbolizes fertility P2157300   Clint explains all
P2157301 P2157302 P2157305 P2157306
P2157307 P2157308 P2157309 P2157310