Mingus Mountain Loop Oct 11

This three-trail loop starts near the top of the ridge and loops down up to 500' before returning to the ultralight launch area
PA043282   MINGUS MOUNTAIN LOOP PA043283 PA043284 PA043286
PA043287   Rainswept views of the Verde Valley PA043289 PA043290 PA043291
PA043292 PA043294 PA043295 PA043297
PA043298 PA043299 PA043300 PA043301
PA043302 PA043303 PA043304 PA043305
PA043307 PA043308 PA043309 PA043311
PA043312 PA043314 PA043316   s stormy weather moves in, we arrive at the highest point of the hike PA043317
PA043319 PA043320 PA043321 PA043322
PA043323 PA043324 PA043325 PA043326
PA043327 PA043328 PA043330 PA043331
PA043332 PA043335 PA043336 PA043337
PA043338 PA043339 PA043340 PA043342
PA043344 PA043345 PA043346 PA043347
PA043348 PA043350 PA043351   The hang gliding area near the end of the trail PA043352