Mt Humphreys Sep 11

The highest point in Arizona
P9172814   MT. HUMPHREYS P9172815 P9172818   We start from the "lower parking," specifically for the trailhead, 300' of altitude lower than the Snow Bowl parking, but not closing early. P9172819
P9172820   This broad meadow is actually the lowest ski run P9172821 P9172822 P9172824
P9172825 P9172826 P9172827   Entering Arizona's only rainforest P9172828
P9172830 P9172831   Recently, severe winds felled large numbers of aspen and fir, blocking the Weatherford Trail. A portion of it was still uncleared this day. P9172832 P9172833
P9172834 P9172835 P9172836 P9172837
P9172838 P9172840 P9172841 P9172842
P9172845 P9172846 P9172847 P9172849
P9172850 P9172851 P9172852   Past the deadfalls now, and climbing steadily on the Weatherford P9172853
P9172854 P9172856 P9172857 P9172858
P9172859 P9172860 P9172861   One switchback tirns at the Rockslide, a lava slipout. This is not a ski trail. P9172862
P9172863 P9172864 P9172868 P9172869
P9172871 P9172872 P9172873 P9172874
P9172876 P9172877 P9172878   This sign appriximately marks the treeline. It's a all-lava landscape above this. P9172879
P9172880 P9172881 P9172882 P9172883
P9172885   On the Saddle, lowest point of the south crater rim, everybody rests. We have lunch. P9172886 P9172887 P9172888
P9172889 P9172892   The Weatherford is heavily used by dogs. P9172893 P9172894   Looking south toward Phoenix
P9172895   Climbing higher around the rim P9172896 P9172898 P9172899
P9172900 P9172901 P9172903 P9172904   My highest point, 12,100', still 500' short of the summit
P9172906   On this ridge the volcanic blowout of the original 20,000' peak is evident P9172907 P9172908 P9172909
P9172910 P9172911 P9172912 P9172914
P9172915 P9172916 P9172917   The mountain blew out to the north, just like Mt. St. Helens P9172918
P9172919   Ski runs far below off the Snow Bowl complex P9172920 P9172921   Back at the Saddle P9172922
P9172923 P9172924 P9172925 P9172926
P9172927 P9172928 P9172929 P9172930
P9172931 P9172933 P9172934 P9172935
P9172936 P9172937 P9172939 P9172940
P9172941   Chipmunks forage for the food people drop at the Saddle P9172950 P9172951 P9172956
P9172957 P9172958 P9172960 P9172965
P9172966 P9172967 P9172968 P9172970   Heading back down
P9172971 P9172972 P9172973   Re-entering the treeline P9172975
P9172976 P9172977 P9172979 P9172980
P9172981 P9172982 P9172983 P9172985
P9172986 P9172987 P9172988 P9172989
P9172990 P9172991 P9172992 P9172993
P9172995 P9172996 P9172997   The deadfall area near the bottom of the trail P9172998
P9172999 P9173001 P9173002 P9173003
P9173004 P9173005 P9173006 P9173007
P9173008   The ski run meadow, and we're down