Narrow Canyon Loop Apr 11

P4198956   NARROW CANYON LOOP P4198957   Starting from the end of FR152, which P4198958 P4198959
P4198960 P4198961 P4198962 P4198963
P4198965 P4198966 P4198967 P4198968
P4198969 P4198970 P4198971 P4198972
P4198973 P4198974 P4198976 P4198978   We leave the Dry CReek Trail and head up out of the wash
P4198980 P4198983 P4198984 P4198985
P4198986 P4198987 P4198988 P4198989
P4198990   This huge pouroff makes a good place for a break P4198992   Water pours off through this deep slot P4198993   ...down into this canyon P4198994
P4198995 P4198996 P4198997 P4198998
P4198999 P4199000 P4199001 P4199002
P4199003 P4199004   Continuing across the rimrock P4199005 P4199006
P4199008 P4199009 P4199010 P4199011
P4199014 P4199016 P4199018 P4199019
P4199020 P4199021 P4199022 P4199023
P4199025 P4199027 P4199030 P4199032
P4199033 P4199034 P4199035 P4199036
P4199037 P4199038 P4199040   We work our way around the ledges, crossing several coves and points P4199041
P4199042 P4199043 P4199045 P4199046
P4199047   A single barrel cactus has come loose and rolled into this position P4199048 P4199049 P4199050
P4199052   Good views from this area of open rock P4199053 P4199054 P4199055
P4199058 P4199061 P4199069 P4199070
P4199071 P4199072 P4199074   Urgent help to remove cactus spines P4199075
P4199077 P4199079   We push through a manzanita jungle P4199080   Then, a steep scramble downhill P4199081
P4199082 P4199083 P4199084 P4199086
P4199087 P4199088 an overhang P4199091   Many Hands Cave is a place of mystery P4199092
P4199093   Animal and hash mark petroglyphs P4199094 P4199096   BUt no one knows what the hand glyphs mean P4199097
P4199098 P4199100 P4199101 P4199103
P4199104 P4199105 P4199106 P4199107   From the overhang, a wash leads us back to the public trail
P4199108 P4199109 P4199110 P4199111
P4199112   Back on the Vultee Arch Trail, and return P4199114 P4199115