Petrified Forest Apr 11

In the National Park near Winslow
P4138594   PETRIFIED FOREST First, a stop at Winslow's Sep 11 memorial P4138596 P4138598 P4138602   At the Park, starting at the Painted Desert end. Area of Zila Point
P4138610 P4138611 P4138614 P4138615
P4138621 P4138624 P4138630 P4138637
P4138641 P4138645 P4138648 P4138649
P4138650 P4138652 P4138653 P4138654
P4138655 P4138658 P4138661 P4138662   The classic Painted Desert Inn
P4138663 P4138665 P4138666 P4138667
P4138670 P4138671 P4138672 P4138673
P4138676 P4138679 P4138680 P4138686
P4138687 P4138689 P4138690 P4138693
P4138694 P4138697 P4138698 P4138699
P4138700 P4138701 P4138703 P4138704
P4138705 P4138706 P4138707 P4138708   Newspaper Rock, a petroglyph site
P4138709 P4138710 P4138712 P4138713
P4138714 P4138715 P4138718 P4138721   Blue Mesa, where layers of clay and volcanic ash alternate
P4138722 P4138723 P4138724 P4138725
P4138727 P4138728 P4138729 P4138730
P4138731 P4138732 P4138733   Here is where the first petrified logs appear P4138734
P4138735 P4138736 P4138737 P4138738
P4138740 P4138741 P4138742 P4138743
P4138744 P4138747 P4138748 P4138749
P4138750 P4138753 P4138756 P4138758
P4138759 P4138761 P4138763   Petrified logs and other hard rocks form hoodoos with the soft clay/ash formations P4138765
P4138766 P4138767 P4138768 P4138769
P4138770 P4138772 P4138777 P4138778
P4138779 P4138782 P4138783 P4138786
P4138787 P4138788 P4138792 P4138793
P4138794 P4138795 P4138796 P4138799
P4138802 P4138803 P4138806 P4138807
P4138808 P4138809   The La Posada Hotel, a restored Harvey House at the Winslow station P4138810 P4138811   The street side of the La Posada
P4138812 P4138813 P4138814 P4138815
P4138816 P4138818 P4138819 P4138820
P4138821 P4138822 P4138823 P4138824
P4138825   Scale models of old railcars P4138826 P4138827 P4138828
P4138829 P4138830 P4138831 P4138832
P4138833 P4138834 P4138836 P4138837
P4138838 P4138839 P4138840 P4138841
P4138842 P4138844 P4138845 P4138846
P4138847 P4138848 P4138849 P4138850
P4138851 P4138854 P4138858   THe Standin'On the Corner monument... P4138863
P4138866   ... in a Route 66 historic district P4138867 P4138868 P4138869