Pyramids and Polygons Mar 11

The starting point is off Upper Red Rock Loop at the bottom of the hill
P3087452   PYRAMIDS AND POLYGONS P3087453 P3087454   We proceed up on to the long horseshoe-shaped ridge P3087455
P3087456 P3087457 P3087459 P3087461
P3087462 P3087463 P3087464 P3087466
P3087467 P3087468 P3087469 P3087471
P3087472 P3087473 P3087474 P3087477
P3087478 P3087480 P3087481 P3087483
P3087484 P3087485 P3087486 P3087487
P3087490 P3087491 P3087493 P3087494
P3087495 P3087496 P3087498 P3087500
P3087501 P3087503 P3087504   Fossil worm tracks P3087505
P3087508 P3087509 P3087510 P3087513
P3087514 P3087515 P3087516 P3087517
P3087518 P3087519 P3087520 P3087522
P3087523 P3087524 P3087525 P3087526
P3087527 P3087529 P3087531 P3087532
P3087533 P3087534 P3087535 P3087536
P3087538 P3087539 P3087540 P3087541
P3087543 P3087545 P3087547 P3087548
P3087549 P3087551 P3087553 P3087555
P3087556 P3087557 P3087558   Swallows nests abound here P3087560
P3087561 P3087562 P3087563 P3087565