Red Tank Draw Oct 11

A very good site for rock art, near Rimrock
PA123355   RED TANK DRAW PA123357   Our guide today is Randy Miller, of the Archaeological Society PA123359   The deep, narrow canyon is behind Randy PA123361   We head down
PA123363 PA123366 PA123368 PA123369
PA123370   the first large area of rock art PA123371 PA123375 PA123376
PA123377 PA123378 PA123379 PA123380
PA123382 PA123384 PA123385 PA123390
PA123391   The cruciform symbol in the middle is a star PA123392 PA123393 PA123396
PA123397 PA123398 PA123399 PA123402
PA123403 PA123406 PA123408 PA123410
PA123412   A water break as we make our way up the steep, rocky canyon PA123413 PA123414 PA123415
PA123416 PA123417 PA123418 PA123419
PA123420 PA123421 PA123422 PA123423
PA123424 PA123426 PA123427 PA123428
PA123429 PA123430 PA123431 PA123433   This depression is a metate, but the stone is not the original mano
PA123434 PA123436 PA123438 PA123439
PA123440 PA123441 PA123443 PA123444
PA123445 PA123446 PA123448 PA123449
PA123450 PA123453 PA123455 PA123456
PA123458 PA123459 PA123460 PA123462
PA123464 PA123465 PA123467 PA123468
PA123469 PA123470 PA123472 PA123473
PA123475 PA123476 PA123477 PA123478
PA123479 PA123480 PA123482 PA123486
PA123487 PA123488 PA123489 PA123490
PA123491 PA123492 PA123494 PA123496
PA123498 PA123500 PA123502 PA123503
PA123504 PA123505 PA123507 PA123508
PA123509 PA123510 PA123512 PA123513
PA123515 PA123516 PA123517 PA123519
PA123520 PA123521   We briefly emerge from the canyon PA123523 PA123524
PA123525 PA123526 PA123527 PA123529
PA123531 PA123532 PA123535 PA123537
PA123540 PA123541   Lunch on the rim, before we go back in PA123542 PA123544
PA123546 PA123547 PA123549 PA123550
PA123551 PA123552 PA123553   Getting down here means climbing through this juniper PA123555
PA123556 PA123557 PA123559 PA123562
PA123563 PA123564 PA123566   This is a clasped-hands sign PA123567
PA123568 PA123570 PA123571 PA123572
PA123573 PA123574 PA123576 PA123577
PA123578 PA123582 PA123583 PA123584
PA123585   Back through the tree as we return PA123587   A hedgehog cactus