Ritter Butte Sep 11

Starting at the Cave Springs trailhead
P9082608   RITTER BUTTE P9082610   This is the first hike of the regular season P9082612   Picking apples. The Cave Springs campground was once an orchard P9082613
P9082614 P9082616 P9082617   The wet monsoon has brought out some trailside moss P9082619
P9082620 P9082621 P9082622   At the Hitching Posts, one post has collapsed completely, trapped by this tree P9082623
P9082624 P9082625 P9082626   The first view point looks over Oak Creek Canyon. West Fork is visible on the other side. P9082627
P9082628   As we climb Ritter, our view to the north expands P9082629 P9082630 P9082631
P9082632 P9082633 P9082634 P9082635
P9082636 P9082637 P9082638 P9082639   Nearing the top of Ritter
P9082640 P9082641 P9082642 P9082643   A cluster of giant hedgehog colonies near the top
P9082644 P9082645 P9082646   On top, looking north P9082647
P9082648   Looking across Oak Creek Canyon P9082649 P9082650 P9082651
P9082653 P9082654 P9082655 P9082656
P9082657 P9082658 P9082659 P9082660
P9082661 P9082662 P9082663   On the way back, we encounter a forest thinning operation P9082664
P9082665 P9082666 P9082667 P9082668
P9082669 P9082670 P9082671 P9082672
P9082673 P9082674   Cookstove Canyon P9082676 P9082677
IMG 0116   After the hike: Sunset from the synagogue