Rogers Lake Jul 11

An ephemeral wetland, recently purchased by Coconino County as parkland
P7122091   ROGERS LAKE P7122092   First stop: site of an old cabin right by the lake P7122093 P7122095
P7122096   A hunter's campfire P7122097   A swing has been rigged near the site of the cabin P7122099 P7122100   These nail and board footholds enabled putting up the swing
P7122101 P7122103 P7122104 P7122105
P7122107 P7122109   This cow horn marks the site of the old well P7122110 largely filled in P7122111
P7122112 P7122113 P7122114   Little remains of the cabin P7122115
P7122117 P7122118 P7122120 P7122121
P7122122 P7122123 P7122125   Second site: an old farm a little afrther back from the lake P7122126
P7122128 P7122129 P7122130 P7122131
P7122132   A corral with cattle chute P7122133 P7122135 P7122136   The stock tank
P7122137   The main cabin P7122138   An older bunkhouse, riddled with bullet holes P7122139 P7122141
P7122142 P7122143 P7122144 P7122145
P7122146 P7122147 P7122149 P7122150
P7122151   Inside the main cabin P7122153 P7122154 P7122155
P7122156 P7122157 P7122158 P7122160
P7122161   The pumphouse P7122162 P7122165 P7122166
P7122169 P7122170 P7122172   Remains of what was possibly another shelter P7122174
P7122175 P7122176 P7122177 P7122178
P7122179 P7122180   This "mining and explosives" sign was probably just to discourage looters P7122183 P7122186
P7122187 P7122188 P7122189 P7122190
P7122191 P7122192 P7122193   Collecting Indian arrowheads P7122194
P7122195 P7122197 P7122198 P7122199
P7122201 P7122202 P7122203 P7122184