Soldier Pass Cibola Loop Feb 11

From the Soldier Pass trailhead
P2016708   SOLDIER PASS - CIBOLA LOOP P2016710 P2016711 P2016712
P2016713 P2016714 P2016715 P2016716
P2016718   The Seven Sacred Pools P2016719 P2016720 P2016722
P2016724 P2016725 P2016727 P2016728
P2016731 P2016732 P2016733 P2016734
P2016736 P2016737   We work our way up the wall of Soldier Pass... P2016739 P2016740
P2016741 P2016742   ...First, pausing at the Arch P2016744 P2016745
P2016746 P2016747   A composite panorama through the Arch P2016750 P2016751
P2016753 P2016754 P2016755 P2016757
P2016759 P2016760 P2016761 P2016762
P2016763 P2016764 P2016765 P2016766
P2016768 P2016769 P2016771 P2016772
P2016773 P2016775 P2016776 P2016777
P2016778 P2016779 P2016781   We emerge onto Brins Mesa P2016783
P2016785 P2016786 P2016787 P2016788
P2016789 P2016791 P2016792 P2016793
P2016794 P2016796 P2016797 P2016798   The knob at the east end of the Mesa is cold and windswept today
P2016799 P2016801 P2016803 P2016804
P2016805 P2016806 P2016807   ...But it's our designated spot for lunch P2016808
P2016809 P2016810 P2016812 P2016814
P2016815 P2016816 P2016818 P2016819
P2016821 P2016823 P2016824 P2016825
P2016827 P2016828 P2016829 P2016832   Now down off Brins Mesa, we cross the fromt side of the Mitten
P2016833 P2016834 P2016835 P2016837
P2016838 P2016841 P2016843 P2016846
P2016847 P2016848 P2016849 P2016850
P2016851 P2016852 P2016854 P2016855
P2016856   Back at the Soldier Pass trailhead, we pause to check Devil's Kitchen P2016858 P2016859