Surprise Canyon May 11

A side hike from Loy Canyon
P5100390   SURPRISE CANYON P5100391   Up the public trail from the Loy Canyon trailhead for the first mile P5100392 P5100393   AFter the turnoff, we cross a wash...
P5100394 P5100395   ...then see a ranch to the left P5100396 P5100398
P5100399 P5100401 P5100402 P5100404
P5100405 P5100406   The walls of our side canyon close in P5100407 P5100408
P5100409 P5100419 P5100420 P5100421
P5100423 P5100426 P5100427 P5100428
P5100429 P5100430 P5100433 P5100434
P5100435 P5100437 P5100441 P5100444
P5100447 P5100448 P5100450 P5100454
P5100455 P5100456 P5100458 P5100462
P5100463 P5100469 P5100470 P5100479   Firecracker penstemon
P5100480 P5100481 P5100482 P5100483
P5100484 P5100486   THrough a manzanita forest up the head of the canyon P5100487 P5100488
P5100489 P5100490 P5100492 P5100493
P5100495   A claret cup cactus P5100496 P5100497 P5100498
P5100499 P5100500 P5100502 P5100503
P5100504 P5100505 P5100506 P5100507
P5100508 P5100509   Coming out on top P5100511 P5100512   We drop into Loy Canyon
P5100513 P5100514 P5100515 P5100516
P5100517 P5100519 P5100521 P5100522
P5100523 P5100529 P5100530 P5100532
P5100533 P5100535 P5100537 P5100538
P5100539 P5100540