The Mushroom Nov 11

A side hike in Boynton Canyon
PB154234 PB154236 PB154237   Now that's what I call a duck PB154238
PB154239 PB154240 PB154242 PB154243
PB154244 PB154245   The trail takes us through a forested wash PB154246 PB154247
PB154248 PB154251 PB154252 PB154255
PB154257 PB154258 PB154259 PB154262
PB154263 PB154264 PB154266   Our first ledge PB154267
PB154268 PB154269   Our only petroglyph of the hike PB154270 PB154271
PB154272 PB154274   There are steep vertical scrambles up several levels PB154276 PB154277
PB154278 PB154280 PB154281 PB154282
PB154283 PB154284 PB154285 PB154286
PB154287 PB154288 PB154289 PB154290
PB154291 PB154293 PB154294 PB154295
PB154298   As we gain altitude, there is more ledgewalking PB154299 PB154300 PB154301
PB154302 PB154303 PB154304 PB154305   The next part involves some hairy ledgewalking
PB154306 PB154307 PB154308   A look back over the main canyon PB154309
PB154310 PB154311 PB154313 PB154314
PB154315 PB154317 PB154318   Here's the ruin PB154319
PB154321   Other visitors have laid out pottery shards PB154322 PB154323 PB154324
PB154325 PB154326 PB154327 PB154329
PB154330 PB154331 PB154333 PB154334
PB154335 PB154338 PB154339 PB154340
PB154342 PB154343 PB154344 PB154345
PB154346 PB154347 PB154349 PB154350   Walking up the wall
PB154351 PB154352 PB154353 PB154354
PB154355 PB154356   Our first sight of the Mushroom PB154357 PB154359
PB154360   One final climb through a brushy canyon... PB154361 PB154363 PB154365   ...And we're on top!
PB154367 PB154368 PB154369 PB154371
PB154372 PB154373 PB154374 PB154375
PB154376   Lots of helicopter tourists that day PB154377 PB154379 PB154381
PB154383 PB154384 PB154385 PB154387
PB154388 PB154389   This overlook lets us see Seven Canyons PB154391 PB154392
PB154393 PB154395 PB154396 PB154397
PB154398 PB154400 PB154401 PB154402
PB154405 PB154406 PB154407 PB154408
PB154410 PB154411 PB154412 PB154414
PB154418 PB154422 PB154423 PB154424   On the way down, we visit a second ruin
PB154425 PB154426 PB154427 PB154431
PB154433 PB154435 PB154437 PB154438
PB154439 PB154440 PB154441 PB154442
PB154443 PB154444 PB154445