Tuzigoot Dec 11

The National Monument near Cottonwood, AZ
PC285443   TUZIGOOT NATIONAL MONUMENT In the museum IMG 1273 PC285444 PC285445
PC285446 PC285448   A metate PC285449 PC285450
PC285451   These walls have been mortared by WPA workers in the 1930s PC285452 PC285453 PC285454
PC285455 PC285456 PC285457   A metate and mano PC285458
PC285459 PC285460 PC285461 PC285462
PC285463 PC285464 PC285465 PC285466
PC285467   We pass through an inside chamber PC285468 PC285469 PC285470
PC285471 PC285474 PC285476 PC285477
PC285480 PC285481 PC285482 PC285485
PC285486 PC285488 PC285489 PC285490
PC285492 PC285494 PC285496 PC285497
PC285498 PC285499 PC285500 PC285501
PC285502 PC285503 PC285504 PC285505   COTTONWOOD OLD TOWN
PC285506 PC285507 PC285508 PC285509
PC285510 PC285511 PC285512 PC285513
PC285514 PC285515 PC285516 PC285517
PC285518 PC285521 PC285522 PC285523
PC285524 PC285525 PC285526 PC285527
PC285528 PC285529 PC285530 PC285531
PC285532 PC285534