Twisted Sister Dec 11

Around the Seven Sisters formation in Village of Oak Creek
PC155263   TWISTED SISTER PC155265 PC155267 PC155268
PC155270 PC155271 PC155273 PC155274
PC155275 PC155277 PC155278 PC155279
PC155280 PC155281 PC155282 PC155283
PC155284 PC155286 PC155287 PC155288
PC155289 PC155290 PC155291 PC155293
PC155296 PC155297 PC155298 PC155300
PC155301 PC155302 PC155303 PC155304
PC155305 PC155306   Climbing the saddle nehind Castle Rock PC155307 PC155308
PC155310 PC155312 PC155313 PC155315
PC155317 PC155318 PC155319 PC155320
PC155321 PC155322   Approaching the Diving Board formation PC155323 PC155324
PC155325 PC155326 PC155328 PC155329
PC155330 PC155331 PC155332 PC155335
PC155336 PC155337 PC155338 PC155339
PC155340 PC155341 PC155342 PC155343
PC155347 PC155348 PC155349 PC155350
PC155353 PC155354 PC155355 PC155356
PC155357 PC155358 PC155360 PC155361
PC155362 PC155363 PC155364 PC155365
PC155366 PC155369 PC155370 PC155371   We find our lunch spot
PC155372 PC155375 PC155376 PC155377
PC155378 PC155379 PC155380 PC155381
PC155382 PC155383 PC155384 PC155385
PC155386 PC155387 PC155388 PC155389
PC155390 PC155391 PC155392 PC155393
PC155394 PC155395 PC155397 PC155398
PC155399 PC155402 PC155403 PC155404
PC155405 PC155406 PC155407 PC155408
PC155409 PC155410 PC155412 PC155413
PC155414 PC155415 PC155416 PC155417
PC155418 PC155419 PC155420 PC155421