West Fork Fall Color Oct 11

This is the grandest and most popular time of year at West Fork
PA203589   WEST FORK FALL COLOR PA203593 PA203595 PA203596   The foorbridge across the creek
PA203597 PA203598 PA203599 PA203600   An evening primrose grows in the orchard
PA203601 PA203602 PA203603   The old chicken house PA203604
PA203605 PA203606 PA203609 PA203610
PA203611 PA203613 PA203614 PA203615
PA203616 PA203617   One of the 14 water 'seeps'  out of the sandstome walls. These feed the Fork. PA203618 PA203620   Our guide explains the hydrology of this canyon
PA203624 PA203626 PA203627 PA203629
PA203630 PA203631 PA203633 PA203634
PA203635 PA203636 PA203637 PA203639
PA203641 PA203644 PA203645 PA203647
PA203648 PA203649 PA203650   The Arizona bigtooth maple gives West Fork its spectacular color PA203651
PA203652 PA203653 PA203654 PA203656
PA203657 PA203658 PA203659 PA203661
PA203662 PA203663 PA203664   These large blocks drop off the canyon walls PA203665
PA203667 PA203668 PA203669 PA203672
PA203673 PA203676 PA203677 PA203678
PA203679 PA203680 PA203682 PA203683
PA203685 PA203686 PA203687 PA203688
PA203689 PA203690 PA203691 PA203693
PA203694 PA203695 PA203696 PA203699
PA203702 PA203704 PA203705 PA203708
PA203709 PA203712 PA203713 PA203715
PA203719 PA203720 PA203721 PA203724
PA203726 PA203727 PA203729 PA203731
PA203739 PA203740 PA203741 PA203742   A snack pause
PA203743 PA203744 PA203745   Duckweed PA203746   October's low water exploses moss
PA203747 PA203748 PA203749 PA203751
PA203753 PA203754 PA203756 PA203757
PA203761   A raven perches next to the high ledge that is a popular turnaround point for most hikers PA203762   But we go farther, another mile up-canyon PA203763 PA203766
PA203767 PA203770 PA203771 PA203772
PA203773 PA203774 PA203775 PA203776
PA203777 PA203778 PA203779 PA203781
PA203782 PA203784 PA203785 PA203786
PA203787 PA203789 PA203791 PA203792
PA203793 PA203794 PA203796 PA203797
PA203798 PA203799   We stop for lunch where the Fork fills the canyon PA203800   Some of us wade a little farther. The water is shallow but very cold. PA203801
PA203804 PA203805 PA203806 PA203808
PA203809 PA203810 PA203812 PA203813
PA203814 PA203815 PA203816   Water striders walk on the surface tension PA203818
PA203819 PA203824 PA203826   Time to head back PA203827
PA203828 PA203829 PA203831 PA203832
PA203833 PA203836 PA203837 PA203838
PA203839 PA203840 PA203841 PA203842
PA203843 PA203844 PA203846 PA203848
PA203849 PA203850 PA203851 PA203852
PA203854 PA203856 PA203857 PA203858
PA203859 PA203860   Back at the orchard, and heading home