Woodchute Trail Aug 11

This trail takes us on the long ridge toward the highest point of Mingus Mountain
P8252505   WOODCHUTE TRAIL P8252506 P8252507 P8252508
P8252509 P8252510   Checking the trail register P8252511   We saw many butterflies that morning P8252512
P8252514 P8252516 P8252517 P8252518
P8252519 P8252522 P8252523 P8252524
P8252526 P8252528 P8252529 P8252531
P8252532 P8252533 P8252535 P8252536
P8252537 P8252539 P8252540 P8252541
P8252543 P8252545   On top of the ridge, the views open up P8252546 P8252547
P8252548 P8252549 P8252550   Looking toward Prescott P8252552
P8252553 P8252554 P8252555 P8252556
P8252557 P8252558 P8252559   The Verde Valley side P8252560
P8252561 P8252563 P8252564   We find a shade tree on top P8252565
P8252566 P8252567 P8252570   Detail view of the Verde Valley P8252571
P8252572 P8252573 P8252574 P8252575
pano1   And a panorama P8252579 P8252580 P8252582
P8252583 P8252584 P8252586 P8252587
P8252588 P8252589 P8252590 P8252593
P8252594 P8252595 P8252596 P8252598
P8252599 P8252601 P8252602 P8252606   Powerline Tank
pano2 P8252607