Around Cathedral Jan 12

Beginning at the Back O'Beyond trailhead
P1105791   AROUND CATHEDRAL P1105792 P1105793 P1105794   We begib with a steep climb up the north side of Cathedral
P1105795 P1105796 P1105797 P1105798
P1105799 P1105800 P1105801 P1105802
P1105803   Here comes the 'one big step' that requires boosting P1105804 P1105805 P1105806
P1105807 P1105808 P1105809 P1105810
P1105811 P1105812 P1105813 P1105814
P1105815 P1105816 P1105819   This is as close as we come to the saddle at the top P1105820   From here, we move arund the south side of Cathedral...
P1105821 P1105822 P1105823 P1105824
P1105825 P1105827 P1105828 P1105829
P1105830 P1105831 P1105832 P1105833   ...then along the ridge between Cathedral and Sevan Sisters
P1105834 P1105836 P1105837 P1105838
P1105839 P1105840 P1105841 P1105842
P1105843 P1105844 P1105845   Our morning break spot, onbthe VOC side of the Sisters P1105846
P1105847 P1105848 P1105849 P1105850
P1105851 P1105852   From here, we cross over to the north side of the Sisters P1105853 P1105854
P1105855 P1105856 P1105857 P1105859
P1105860 P1105861 P1105862 P1105864
P1105865 P1105866 P1105867 P1105868
P1105870 P1105871   A good lunch spot on the Hwy 179 side P1105872 P1105873
P1105874 P1105875 P1105876 P1105878
P1105879 P1105881 P1105882 P1105883
P1105884 P1105886 P1105887 P1105888
P1105889 P1105890 P1105891 P1105892   To Back O'Beyond via a lower trail than Templeton
P1105893 P1105894 P1105895 P1105896