Baby Bell Aug 12

Baby Bell is the small rock to the north of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte
P8309952   BABY BELL P8309953   This short hike, starting from the Bell Rock North trailhead, is traditionally the end of the summer off-season P8309954   The Phone trail is the new connector for Baby Bell P8309955 P8309956 P8309957
P8309958 P8309959 P8309960 P8309961 P8309962 P8309964   The one tricky scramble point midway up
P8309965 P8309966 P8309967 P8309968 P8309969   A young couple we met on top P8309970
P8309971 P8309972 P8309973 P8309974 P8309975 P8309976