Brewer Trail May 12

A loop around Airport Mesa in Sedona, with wildflowers and snakes
P5018217   BREWER TRAIL Starting at the Wesleyan Church P5018220 P5018221   Pink penstemon abounds this morning P5018222
P5018223 P5018224   As we c,imb swteeply onto Airport Mesa, the views open up P5018225 P5018226
P5018228 P5018229   The hedgehogs are in bloom P5018230 P5018231
P5018232 P5018233   Looking across the east side toward VOC P5018234   We climb the Airport vortex spot P5018235
P5018236 P5018237 P5018238 P5018239
P5018240 P5018241 P5018242   Starting around Airport Loop P5018244
P5018245 P5018246 P5018247 P5018248
P5018249   Poco Diablo resort P5018250 P5018251 P5018252
P5018253 P5018254 P5018255 P5018256
P5018257   Is this lust or gluttony? Nobody's sure. P5018258 P5018259 P5018260
P5018262 P5018267 P5018268 P5018271
P5018272 P5018274   Prickly pear fruit are surrounded by the vestigial leaves of the plant P5018276   At the south end of the airport, we leave the main trail to go out onto Lookout Point P5018277   ...To find a rich colony of blooming hedgehog cactus
P5018278 P5018280 P5018281 P5018282
P5018284 P5018286 P5018287 P5018288
P5018289 P5018290 P5018292 P5018293   We head back to the main trail and continue the loop
P5018294   From the shadier west side of the Loop P5018296 P5018297 P5018298   Finally, we return to the Brewer Trail for the decent
P5018299 P5018300 P5018301