Brins Ridge Apr 12

Climbing Brins Ridge from the Jordan trailhead
P4127960   BRINS RIDGE Starting from the Jordan trailhead P4127962 P4127963   Windy and cool weather this morning P4127964
P4127965 P4127967 P4127968 P4127970
P4127972 P4127973 P4127974 P4127975
P4127976   Once into the burn area, we leave the public trail and head left for the ridge P4127978 P4127979   This is a short, steep climb P4127980
P4127981   Regrowth after the fire is already visible on the mesa P4127982 P4127983 P4127985
P4127986   A break on the Ridge P4127987 P4127988 P4127990   This hill at the other end of the mesa is a popular view point
P4127991 P4127992 P4127993 P4127994
P4127995 P4127996 P4127997 P4127998
P4127999 P4128000 P4128001 P4128002   Making our way along the ridge
P4128003 P4128005 P4128007 P4128008
P4128009 P4128010 P4128012 P4128013
P4128014 P4128015 P4128019 P4128020
P4128022 P4128023 P4128024 P4128025
P4128026 P4128027 P4128029 P4128031
P4128033 P4128034 P4128035 P4128036
P4128037 P4128038 P4128039 P4128041
P4128042 P4128043 P4128044 P4128045
P4128046 P4128047 P4128048 P4128049
P4128050 P4128051 P4128052 P4128053