Carroll Canyon Tabletop Nov 12

Starting form the Sedona Recycling Center
PB271902   CARROLL CANYON TABLETOP PB271903 PB271905 PB271906
PB271907 PB271908   We soon head down into Carroll Canyon, toward the south PB271909 PB271910
PB271912 PB271913 PB271914   The canyon is steep and rocky, with several large pour-offs PB271915
PB271916 PB271917 PB271918 PB271919
PB271920 PB271921 PB271922 PB271923
PB271924 PB271925 PB271926 PB271928
PB271929 PB271930 PB271931 PB271932
PB271933 PB271934   Each pour-off is a challenge to get around PB271935 PB271936
PB271937 PB271938 PB271939 PB271940
PB271941   Though it hasn't rained for several weeks, the deep pools still hold water PB271943 PB271945 PB271946
PB271947 PB271948 PB271949 PB271950
PB271951 PB271952 PB271953 PB271955
PB271957 PB271959 PB271960 PB271961
PB271962 PB271963 PB271964 PB271967
PB271968 PB271969 PB271970 PB271972
PB271974 PB271975 PB271976 PB271977
PB271978 PB271979 PB271981 PB271982
PB271983 PB271984 PB271988 PB271989
PB271990 PB271991 PB271992 PB271993
PB271994 PB271995   AT teh bottom end of the canyon, we turn onto the Ram's Head Trail... PB271996 PB271997
PB271998   ...crossing Chavez Ranch rd... PB271999 PB272000 PB272001
PB272002   ...and emerging onto Red Rock Overlook. This makes a good lunch stop. PB272004 PB272005 PB272006
PB272007 PB272009 PB272010 PB272012
PB272013 PB272014   Len Ostrom made this sketch in about ten minutes PB272015 PB272016   Then we head for the Tabletop, near Sedona Airport
PB272017 PB272018 PB272019 PB272020
PB272021 PB272022 PB272023 PB272024
PB272026 PB272027 PB272028 PB272030
PB272031 PB272032 PB272033