Courthouse Ledges Dec 12

High on Courthouse Butte in Village of Oak Creek
PC132358   COURTOUSE LEDGES Climbing the southwest side of Courtouse Butte PC132359   Starting out on the Big Park Loop public trail PC132360 PC132361 PC132362   Starting the ascent PC132363
PC132365   Throughout, we get close views of Village of Oak Creek PC132366 PC132367 PC132368 PC132369 PC132370
PC132372 PC132373 PC132375   The first of two small ruins. There is nothing more than a wall left at this one. PC132376 PC132377 PC132378   Yes, that ledge is our trail
PC132379 PC132380 PC132381   Up a narrow chute... PC132382 PC132383 PC132384
PC132385 PC132386   ...To this level, where we have our morning snack. That grassy strip is our next pitch upward. PC132387   Looking toward Castle Roc and the Diving Board PC132388 PC132389 PC132390
PC132391 PC132392 PC132393 PC132394 PC132395 PC132396   At the top of the grassy strip ther is an even narrower chute
PC132397 PC132398 PC132399   Over the top, and we come ou on the south side again PC132400 PC132401   We contbue along this higher ledge PC132403
PC132404 PC132405 PC132406 PC132407 PC132408 PC132409
PC132410 PC132411 PC132412 PC132413 PC132415 PC132416
PC132417 PC132418 PC132420 PC132421 PC132422 PC132423
PC132424 PC132427 PC132429 PC132430 PC132431   This chute would lead to the top of here were a way of getting up to it PC132432
PC132433 PC132434   Bad weather is moving in, with clouds thickening rapidly. We head back.` PC132435 PC132436 PC132437 PC132438
PC132439 PC132440 PC132441 PC132442 PC132443 PC132444
PC132445 PC132446 PC132448 PC132450 PC132451 PC132452
PC132453 PC132454 PC132455 PC132457 PC132459   Far below us on the flat, an equestrian party PC132461
PC132462 PC132463 PC132464 PC132465 PC132466   A better view of the lower ruin PC132467
PC132468 PC132469