Fay Canyon Extended Sep 12

P9200244   FAY CANYON EXTENDED P9200245   We start out on the public trail... P9200246 P9200247
P9200248   Soap agave P9200249 P9200250   At the rockfall, we go on to the end of the Canyon P9200251
P9200252   In the shade afte the rockfall, a datura in bloom. P9200253 P9200254 P9200255
P9200256 P9200257 P9200258 P9200259
P9200260 P9200261 P9200262   We make our way up a near-vertical wall P9200263
P9200264 P9200266 P9200267 P9200269
P9200270 P9200271 P9200272   The 'jungle gym' climb with the aid of fallen trees P9200274
P9200275 P9200276 P9200277 P9200278
P9200279 P9200280   This ledge made a good morning break spot P9200281 P9200282
P9200283 P9200284 P9200285   This is desert varnish, not rock layering P9200286   Now for the most difficult part of the ascent
P9200287 P9200288 P9200289   The strap-assisted part of the climb P9200290
P9200292 P9200293 P9200294 P9200295
P9200297   This gets us up onto a narrow overhang... P9200298   ...with a ruin at one end... P9200300 P9200301
P9200302 P9200303 P9200304 P9200305   ...and a window at the other
P9200307 P9200308 P9200309 P9200310
P9200311 P9200312 P9200314 P9200315
P9200316 P9200317 P9200318   There is some rock art at the ruin P9200319
P9200322 P9200323   Through the window, and we're in top of Fay Canyon P9200325 P9200326
P9200327 P9200328 P9200330 P9200331
P9200334 P9200335 P9200336 P9200337
P9200338 P9200339   Against a shaded wall, a good lunch spot P9200340 P9200342
P9200343 P9200344 P9200345 P9200347
P9200349   A good view across to our first ruin of the day P9200350 P9200351 P9200352
P9200353 P9200354 P9200355 P9200356   Our third ruin of the day
P9200357 P9200358 P9200359 P9200360
P9200361   There is even a corncob left P9200362 P9200364   Back on the public trail, and return P9200365
P9200366 P9200367 P9200368 P9200369