Fisher Point Sep 12

Sandy's Canyon, off Lake Mary Road near Flagstaff, to Fisher Point overlook
P9049977   FISHER POINT The campground warden P9049978 P9049979 P9049980 P9049981 P9049982   The lava flow
P9049983 P9049984 P9049985   This was a day of monsoonal late-summer wildflowers - and monsoon P9049986 P9049987   We head down into the shallow canyon P9049988
P9049989 P9049990   ...then across a long meadow P9049991 P9049992 P9049995 P9049996
P9049997 P9049998 P9049999 P9040001 P9040003   Midmorning break P9040004
P9040005 P9040006 P9040007   Finally, through a narrow pass to Fisher's Point P9040008 P9040009 P9040010
P9040013   Lunch atop the Point, and we're alraedy getting raindrops P9040014 P9040015 P9040016 P9040017 P9040019
P9040020 P9040021 P9040023 P9040024 P9040025 P9040026
P9040027 P9040029 P9040030 P9040031 P9040032 P9040033