Fort Tuthill Jun 12

An old Army fort in the days of mounted cavalry, it's now a Coconino County park
P6078821   FORT TUTHILL P6078823   The newest rec center sport here is ziplining P6078824 P6078825
P6078826 P6078827   The trail follows an old logging railbed P6078828 P6078829
P6078830 P6078831 P6078832   Equestrian jumps P6078833
P6078834   This ponderosa was apparently struck by lightning P6078835 P6078836   Does that means it smells like creme brule? P6078838
P6078839 P6078841 P6078843 P6078844
P6078845   A Boy Scout lean-to P6078846 P6078847 P6078848
P6078849 P6078850 P6078851 P6078852
P6078853 P6078854 P6078855   The old Army barracks and stables, niw a rec center