Fort Valley Trail Jul 12

Near Flagstaff
P8029911   FORT VALLEY TRAIL P8029912   We hiked tis one as a 'lollipop' loop on the Flue Trail starting from the main trail P8029913 P8029914 P8029915   We were in light forest the whole way under cloudy monsoon skies P8029916
P8029917 P8029918 P8029919 P8029920 P8029921 P8029922   A water break, assisted by the first drops from above
P8029923   We don't know whether bear or elk have used this as a scratching post P8029924 P8029925 P8029926 P8029928   A mushroom P8029929
P8029930   A puffball, not a golf ball P8029932 P8029933 P8029934 P8029935 P8029936
P8029937 P8029938 P8029939 P8029940 P8029942 P8029943
P8029944 P8029945 P8029946 P8029947 P8029948 P8029949