Girdner Loop Oct 12

A hike on portions of several trails near Dry Creek Rd across from the FR 152 turnoff
PA160680   GIRDNER TRAIL COMPLEX PA160681 PA160683 PA160684 PA160685 PA160687
PA160688 PA160689 PA160690 PA160691 PA160692   A sacred datura PA160694   A butterfly stops by...
PA160695 PA160696 PA160697 PA160698 PA160700 PA160701
PA160702 PA160703   Cockscomb PA160704   The tamarisk, an exotic threat because of its hig water usage PA160705 PA160706 PA160707
PA160708 PA160709 PA160710 PA160711 PA160712 PA160713
PA160714 PA160715 PA160716 PA160717 PA160718 PA160719
PA160720 PA160721 PA160722 PA160724 PA160726 PA160727
PA160729 PA160730 PA160731 PA160732 PA160734 PA160735
PA160737 PA160738 PA160739