Grandmas Cave Sep 12

A cave on the rim of Oak Creek Canyon reached from the Harding Spring Trail. It's the largest cave in the Sedona area.
P9130139   GRANDMA'S CAVE Starting at Harding Spring trailhead P9130140 P9130141 P9130142 P9130143   The initial climb up the wall of Oak Creek Canyon fllows the route for Harding Spring P9130144
P9130145 P9130147 P9130148 P9130149 P9130150 P9130151
P9130152 P9130153   Baby Buggy is the projecting formation across the canyon upper left P9130154   From the top, we head some distance south along the rim P9130155 P9130156 P9130157
P9130159 P9130160 P9130161 P9130162 P9130164 P9130165
P9130166 P9130167 P9130168 P9130169 P9130171 P9130172
P9130173 P9130174 P9130175 P9130176 P9130177 P9130178
P9130180 P9130181 P9130183   Good views off the rim from here P9130184   Yucca bananas. It's unusual to see them not eaten immediately by javelina P9130185 P9130186
P9130187 P9130188   The steep slope down to the cave, which is below the rim P9130189 P9130190 P9130191 P9130192
P9130193   The cave entrance P9130194 P9130195 P9130196 P9130197 P9130198
P9130199 P9130200 P9130201 P9130202 P9130206 P9130209
P9130211   Is this Harding himself? The date appears to be 1912. P9130213 P9130214 P9130215 P9130216 P9130217
P9130218 P9130219 P9130220 P9130221 P9130222 P9130223
P9130225   Departing the cave, we opt for the more difficult route on the other side of the entrance P9130227 P9130229 P9130230 P9130231 P9130232
P9130234 P9130235 P9130236 P9130237   This showy mushroom is abundant this year P9130238 P9130239
P9130240 P9130241