Grandview Trail Oct 12

One of the easternmost South Rim trails, leading to an old copper mine
PA251183   GRANDVIEW TRAIL PA251185 PA251188 PA251189   The trailhead sign
PA251190 PA251191   9 am: First view over the rim PA251193 PA251194
PA251195 PA251197 PA251198 PA251199
PA251200   Starting down. The descent is very steep. PA251201 PA251205 PA251207
PA251208 PA251210   The first section is the trail is conventional Parks Service stairstep construction PA251211 PA251213
PA251214 PA251216 PA251217 PA251218
PA251219 PA251221 PA251222   We will be aiming for a small notch to one side of this conical hill PA251224
PA251225 PA251227 PA251228 PA251230
PA251231 PA251232 PA251234 PA251236
PA251238   The original stone corduroy construction, designed to allow ,ules sure footing with heavy loads of ore PA251239 PA251240 PA251242
PA251243 PA251244   Beside the mound, the "photo tree" is our first break PA251245 PA251246
PA251247 PA251248 PA251250 PA251252
PA251253 PA251256 PA251258 PA251259
PA251260 PA251261 PA251263 PA251264   Pause for a group shot
PA251266 PA251267 PA251268 PA251269   The trail will take us alomg the mesa on the right side of this picture
PA251270 PA251271   Starting here, a series of large rockfalls ripped out the original corduroy and makes for tough going PA251273 PA251274
PA251275 PA251278 PA251280   The trail flattens out onto Horseshoe mesa PA251281
PA251282 PA251284 PA251285   The Last Chance Mine. The original shafts are now mostly backfilled, and a new helipad has been constructed right behind us PA251286
PA251288   Backfilled shafts. Though the mining operation was for copper, there is considerable uranium mixed with it, leading to radiation hazard postings in the area PA251289 PA251290   Vesiges of the old shafts are kept open for bats PA251291
PA251292 PA251294 PA251295 PA251296
PA251297 PA251298 PA251299 PA251300
PA251301 PA251302 PA251303   A black tarantula PA251304
PA251305   These were built as bunkhouses for the miners PA251306 PA251307   We head out to the northern end of the mesa PA251308
PA251309 PA251310 PA251311 PA251312
PA251313 PA251314 PA251315 PA251316
PA251317 PA251319   Our lunch stop and turnaround. We come out by the same route. PA251320 PA251321
PA251323 PA251325 PA251326 PA251327
PA251328 PA251329 PA251330 PA251333
PA251334 PA251335 PA251336 PA251337
PA251338 PA251339 PA251341 PA251342
PA251343   The rockfalls, many of them from the big storm of 2005, make for the toughest going PA251344 PA251345 PA251348
PA251349   Rich plant life at a seep PA251350 PA251351 PA251352
PA251353 PA251354   Back at the photo tree! PA251355 PA251356
PA251359 PA251360 PA251361 PA251362
PA251363 PA251364 PA251365 PA251366
PA251367 PA251369 PA251370 PA251371
PA251372 PA251374 PA251375 PA251376
PA251378 PA251379   In the Canyon, the last part is always the steepest