Hot Loop Woods Canyon Feb 12

The Hot Loop is a trail running along the top of Horse Mesa all the way to Schnebly Hill if hiked the full distance. This hike covers only the initial section.
P2236655   HOT LOOP WOODS CANYON P2236656   Starting at the Jacks Canyon trailhead P2236657 P2236658
P2236659 P2236660 P2236661   First, a steep climb up the side of the mesa P2236662
P2236663 P2236665 P2236666 P2236667
P2236668 P2236669 P2236670 P2236671
P2236672 P2236673 P2236674 P2236675
P2236676   First break, overlooking Woods Canyon P2236677 P2236678 P2236679
P2236680 P2236681   That little red patch below is the slickrock where we'll be eating lunch P2236682 P2236684
P2236686 P2236687 P2236688 P2236689   Let's eat!
P2236691 P2236692 P2236693 P2236694
P2236695 P2236696 P2236697 P2236700
P2236701 P2236702 P2236703 P2236704
P2236705 P2236706 P2236707 P2236708
P2236710 P2236711 P2236712 P2236713
P2236714 P2236715   Sapsucker holes. Hummingbords will drink from these 'wells' for winter sustenance P2236717 P2236718
P2236720 P2236721 P2236723 P2236724
P2236725 P2236727   The first spring flowers P2236729