Laughlin Greenway Nov 12

A trail along the Colorado River in Laughlin, NV, going to Davis Dam
IMG 1774   HIKING THE LAUGHLIN GREENWAY Starting from Casino Drive in town IMG 1775 IMG 1776   The pedestrian bridge between the Riverside and its RV parking IMG 1777   Trailhead of the Greenway on Casino Drive IMG 1778   Crossing the Searchlight highway IMG 1779
IMG 1780   Back down to the river, hiking upstream toward Davis Dam IMG 1781   Picnic ramadas along the Greenway IMG 1782 IMG 1783 IMG 1784   First sight of Davis Dam IMG 1785
IMG 1786   A park at the end of the Greenway IMG 1787 IMG 1788 IMG 1789   Both the blue and the tan playground surfaces are resilient, corklike material IMG 1791 IMG 1792
IMG 1793   A big group ramada IMG 1795   Though this is the end of the trail, you can continue on Old Hwy 68 across the dam. This chicaning and treadle keeps cars off the dam IMG 1796   Lake Mojave above the dam IMG 1797 IMG 1799   The water inlet and road bridge. The power portion of the dam is downstream of this IMG 1800   On the Arizona side. The dam is auto-accessible here
IMG 1801 IMG 1802 IMG 1804 IMG 1805 IMG 1807 IMG 1808   Back on the trail
IMG 1809   Back in the Aquarius IMG 1810 IMG 1811 IMG 1812 IMG 1813 IMG 1814
IMG 1815 IMG 1816 IMG 1817 IMG 1818 IMG 1819 IMG 1820
IMG 1821