Long Canyon Ice Cream Cone Jan 12

Ice Cream Cone is a side hike from Long Canyon on Sewdona's west side
P1195897   LONG CANYON: ICE CREAM CONE P1195898   A little water in the lowest wash today as we make our way through the public part of the canyon P1195899 P1195900
P1195901 P1195902 P1195903 P1195904
P1195906   Here is where we leave the public trail P1195907 P1195908 P1195910
P1195911   It gets steep P1195913 P1195914 P1195915
P1195916 P1195918 P1195919 P1195920
P1195921 P1195922 P1195923 P1195924
P1195926 P1195927 P1195928   A seep line P1195929   The Cone is now in sight
P1195932 P1195933 P1195934 P1195935
P1195937 P1195938 P1195939 P1195941
P1195942   At the Ice Cream Cone P1195943 P1195945 P1195946
P1195947 P1195948 P1195949 P1195950
P1195951 P1195952 P1195953 P1195957
P1195959 P1195960 P1195962 P1195963   An ancient corn cob
P1195964   Pottery shards "museumed" at a ruin. This practice is considered harmful. P1195965 P1195967   A seedpod P1195968
P1195969 P1195970 P1195972 P1195973
P1195974 P1195975 P1195976 P1195978
P1195980 P1195981 P1195985 P1195987
P1195990 P1195991 P1195992   What white substance was used to form this 'negative' hand? P1195993   This is said to represent a star
P1195994 P1195996 P1195998 P1195999
P1196000 P1196001 P1196002 P1196003   A midmorning break
P1196004 P1196005 P1196006 P1196007
P1196009 P1196012 P1196013 P1196014   We ledge our way around the same level on the canyon wall...
P1196016 P1196017 P1196018 P1196019
P1196020 P1196021 P1196022 P1196023
P1196024 P1196025 P1196026 P1196027
P1196028 P1196030 P1196031 P1196032
P1196033 P1196034 P1196035 P1196036
P1196037   ...To the end canyon amphitheater, where we have lunch P1196038 P1196039 P1196040
P1196041 P1196042 P1196043 P1196044
P1196045 P1196046 P1196048 P1196049
P1196050 P1196051 P1196052 P1196053