Lost Wilson Feb 12

This small mountain is near the end of Brins Mesa off the Jordan trailhead
P2166432   LOST WILSON MOUNTAIN Starting at the Brins Mesa/152 trailhead P2166434   From the old rough road, we take the first fraction of the Brins Mesa... P2166435   ...But soon we divert up a wash toward Lost Wilson P2166436   We first aim for the next mountain to the left
P2166437 P2166439 P2166440 P2166441
P2166442 P2166443 P2166444 P2166445
P2166446 P2166448 P2166450 P2166451
P2166452 P2166453 P2166454 P2166455
P2166456 P2166457   Once up at the righgt level, we traverse ledges... P2166458 P2166459
P2166460 P2166462 P2166463 P2166464
P2166465 P2166466 P2166467 P2166468   ...Approaching the shadowed side of Lost Wilson
P2166469 P2166470 P2166471 P2166472
P2166473 P2166474 P2166475 P2166478
P2166479 P2166480 P2166482 P2166485
P2166486 P2166487 P2166488 P2166489
P2166490 P2166491 P2166492 P2166493
P2166494 P2166496   We are now on the front side P2166497 P2166498
P2166499 P2166500 P2166501 P2166502
P2166503 P2166504 P2166505 P2166506   Pausing for lunch
P2166509 P2166511 P2166513 P2166514
P2166516 P2166517 P2166518 P2166519   We descend through a cypress-filled wash
P2166520 P2166521 P2166522   Crossing the Brins Mesa burn area P2166523
P2166524 P2166525 P2166527 P2166528
P2166529 P2166530 P2166532 P2166533
P2166534   Back down toward the trailhead P2166535 P2166536 P2166537