Loy Butte Dec 12

A butte rising beside Loy Canyon partway up it
PC062155   LOY BUTTE PC062156   Our starting point is near Honanki Ruin PC062158   We follow the public trail into Loy Canyon PC062159 PC062160 PC062162   This inholding is still a working ranch
PC062163 PC062164 PC062166 PC062167   We stafrt to climb the Butte, on the Lincoln Canyon side PC062168 PC062169   Yellow-green rick lichen
PC062170 PC062171   This is one of several narrow chutes PC062172 PC062173   Our lead waits for the last of the party to make the chute PC062175 PC062176
PC062179 PC062181 PC062182 PC062183 PC062184   A ruins site PC062185
PC062186 PC062187 PC062188 PC062189 PC062190 PC062191
PC062192 PC062193 PC062194 PC062195 PC062196 PC062197
PC062198 PC062199 PC062200 PC062202 PC062203 PC062204
PC062205 PC062206 PC062207 PC062208 PC062209   Resumking the climb up the Butte PC062210
PC062211 PC062212 PC062213 PC062216 PC062217 PC062218
PC062221 PC062222   The dinosaur tracks PC062223 PC062224 PC062225 PC062226
PC062230 PC062231 PC062232 PC062234 PC062236 PC062237   Our best view of Loy Canyon
PC062239 PC062243 PC062244 PC062245 PC062246 PC062247   Now we traverse around on the Lincoln Canyon side of the Butte
PC062248 PC062249 PC062251 PC062252 PC062253 PC062254
PC062255 PC062257 PC062258 PC062259 PC062260 PC062261
PC062262 PC062263   A wilderness research facility in Lincoln PC062264 PC062265 PC062266 PC062268
PC062269   Here we can see our own parked cars PC062270 PC062271 PC062272   This marks our lunch spot PC062274 PC062275
PC062276 PC062277 PC062278   Looking down into the Loy Canyon side of the point PC062280 PC062281 PC062282
PC062283 PC062285 PC062286 PC062287 PC062289 PC062290
PC062291   Starting back into the Canyon PC062294 PC062295 PC062297 PC062300 PC062302
PC062303 PC062304 PC062305 PC062307 PC062308 PC062309
PC062310 PC062312 PC062314 PC062315 PC062316   Cross-bedding in an ancient sand dune PC062317   Thicker clouds start to roll in
PC062318 PC062319 PC062321   Back in the canyon, we take a side trip to a cliff of rock art PC062322 PC062325 PC062327
PC062328 PC062329 PC062332 PC062333   These may have been tally marks, taking a count PC062334 PC062335
PC062336 PC062337 PC062338 PC062339 PC062340   Snakes, and a few modern graffiti PC062341
PC062342   Snakes are a prominent motif at this site PC062343 PC062346   The propping of these stones looks artificial... PC062349 PC062350 PC062351
PC062352 PC062353 PC062354 PC062355   ...and may be placed to shine sun daggers onto this calendar PC062356   Back along the public trail PC062357