Lynx Lake Jul 12

Lynx Lake is on Hwy 69 near Prescott, and is a popular recreation spot and reservoir for that city
P7269846   LYNX LAKE P7269847   Forming up at the Southshore parking area P7269848   The trail first takes us on a long dry arm P7269849 P7269850 P7269851
P7269852 P7269853 P7269855 P7269856 P7269857   Nobody but a few fishermen out today P7269858
P7269859 P7269860   A manzanita patch P7269861 P7269862 P7269864 P7269865
P7269866 P7269867 P7269868 P7269869 P7269870 P7269872
P7269874 P7269875 P7269876 P7269877 P7269878 P7269879
P7269880   The water pipes to Prescott, laid out along the spillway P7269881 P7269882   The boat rental place P7269883 P7269884 P7269886
P7269888 P7269889 P7269890 P7269891 P7269892 P7269893   A mile or so by road above the Southshore parking, the Lynx Lake Cafe
P7269894 P7269895 P7269897 P7269898 P7269900 P7269901
P7269903 P7269905 P7269906   Pork schnitzel with spaetzle P7269907 P7269908 P7269909