Mayan Maiden Feb 12

North of Verde Valley SChool Rd in Village of Oak Creek
P2026203   MAYAN MAIDEN P2026204   Starting at the first Verde Valley School Rd trailhead, S side P2026205   Look! Up in the sky! P2026209
P2026212 P2026215 P2026217 P2026218
P2026220 P2026222 P2026223   The Mayan Maiden. This is as close as we get this hike. P2026224
P2026225   We head up to cross the back of Seven Sisters P2026226 P2026227 P2026228
P2026230 P2026231 P2026233 P2026234
P2026237   The Gunsight, overlooking Village of Oak Creek P2026239 P2026240 P2026241
P2026242 P2026243   By now it was getting cold and windy, so we take a snack break in a sheltered spot P2026244 P2026245
P2026247 P2026248 P2026249 P2026250
P2026251 P2026252 P2026253 P2026255
P2026256 P2026257 P2026258 P2026259
P2026260   A more easterly view across VOC P2026261 P2026262 P2026263
P2026264   It's raining a little now P2026265 P2026266 P2026268
P2026269   On the ridgeline heading gtoward Cathedral, we break for lunch P2026270 P2026271 P2026272
P2026274 P2026275 P2026276 P2026278   On the south side of Cathedral
P2026279   We are again looing at the western side of VOC, from the ridge P2026280 P2026281 P2026282
P2026283 P2026284 P2026285 P2026286
P2026287   It is not easy to get off the backside of Cathedral... P2026288   ...because there is only one route past the steep pour-offs P2026289 P2026290   Through "Pallas' Buttcrack"
P2026291 P2026292 P2026293 P2026294
P2026295 P2026296 P2026297 P2026298
P2026299 P2026300 P2026301 P2026302
P2026303 P2026304 P2026305 P2026307   Back on the level, and returning to the Turkey Creek trailhead